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Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 3 - Listing of Stamps Begins in Earnest With Canada Queen Victoria

As I enter my third week of stamp dealing, I am finally ready to begin listing the material that I have spent the past two years amassing. on Friday last week I sorted through all of my Canada inventory as well as my two consignments, and picked out all the stamps from Queen Victoria's reign (1851-1901). I was quite astonished to see nearly two stock boxes full of 102 and 107 cards:

This first box covers the issues from 1851-1897. Shown above is a beautiful 1865 cover sent to the head of Upper Canada College, Charles O'Malley. Such beautiful penmanship on the front. This cover, because of the historical significance and the quality of the stamp on it, will retail for $125. 

This box covers 1898-1901, the Canadian provinces prior to 1867, British Columbia prior to 1871 and Newfoundland to 1901. The stamps shown in the foreground are the 6c brown Maple Leaf issue of 1898. They retail for around $150 each. 

It is very exciting indeed to have so much beautiful and desirable material to offer my customers from this period. I had no idea prior to Friday that I had so much of it already. 

For those of you who would like to see my store as it stands now, the link is:

My next post will feature some of these stamps as I list them.

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