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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What is This Blog About and Why Write it?

This blog is about my personal journey to reclaim my life after allowing my profession to almost completely consume it for 20 years. I was, until last week a young 43 year old partner with a Toronto accounting firm. I left it all behind to begin the journey of following my passion, which is to become a full time dealer in stamps and postal history. This has been my dream since I visited my first stamp store at the age of eight. It was a dream that became even stronger when at 18, I worked at Weeda Stamps, which was then based in Vancouver.

So why do I want to share my journey? Because I have seen the plethora of self help literature out there. You know the kind - guy in his 20's hates his job, has 20 bucks to his name, quits it all and now lies on a beach in Phuket where he runs a multi-million dollar internet business. They are such sensational stories, and I actually think that many of them do contain at least a grain of truth. But the problem for most of us reading them, is that we simply cannot see how they would ever apply to us, and so we come from away from them feeling bad about our own circumstances. At least that was my experience in reading these types of books.

So please join me while I take you with me on my journey to build a new life.

This week, I am mainly getting my home office organized and ready to begin listing my stamps for sale, but over the next few posts, I will show you that the journey for me started not last week, but almost exactly 5 years ago. I will also write about many of the reasons why I believe that self-employment in today's online economy is they key to a happy and balanced life. Of course, I am only just beginning this journey - I have not yet reached that pinnacle of success, and I may not. But that, to me, is what makes it all the more real for you the reader. If you read my blog, you will watch me make all kinds of mistakes and learn from them. As long as they are not fatal mistakes, then hopefully we will all get something out of the experience.

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