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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 3 of Large Queens, and My Dinner with Maxime Herold

Yesterday's goal of the 1 cent Large Queen was accomplished, and as of this morning, I managed to sell one of the stamps I listed! Sure, it was a cheap stamp ($5) but every bit helps, and it is very encouraging to see the stamps selling within a very short time of being listed.

Yesterday's dinner with Maxime was interesting. I learned that she is actually with Ron Brigham as a domestic partner and she was her usual self. Its been almost a decade since I last saw her, and I almost completely forgot. Maxime is a high end dealer - she sells to a very small number of high net worth clients and makes her money on commission. She is not a philatelist like me and isn't really interested in dealing with the less expensive stamps. I myself just love all stamps. I know that I have to specialize, but I get just as much enjoyment from studying and lotting stamps issued in 1979 as I would the stamps of 1879. It was a good dinner - at very least I have established my first contact and lead for material in the trade, and she did say that she may have some Canadian material that she can sell me cheap.

Today the goal is to all my 2 cent and three cent Large Queens. I have 24 two cent stamps and 13 three cent stamps, including three on laid paper. It is a lofty goal, but I think I can do it, as I have already identified all the paper types and varieties on the two cent stamps. I had hoped to complete the entire issue and post two blog articles about the issue by the end of the week. If I complete to the end of the 3 cent today, that leaves the 5c, 6c, 12.5 and 15c, in two days, which I don't think will happen. So I may be working on this well into next week. Oh well it takes as long as it takes.

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