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Friday, December 11, 2015

Finally Some Light At The End Of The Wilding Tunnel...

This past week has been a very long and trying week, but thanks to my focus and the hard work of Steph in keeping everything functioning on the home front, I will have been able to lot all 19 plates of the 4c value, as well as all the booklets. As of today, I will have almost 750 listings for this issue - more than any dealer on the internet for sure.

Next week, I hope to complete the 5c value and then that will place me in striking position to finish the issue by Christmas.

Sales have not been too shabby either. I think I will have done roughly $400 this week, bringing me to about $500 for the month so far - not as good as last month, but not bad. What is especially encouraging is that some of those sales are from this issue that I am working on now, showing me that the modern material does indeed sell when it is properly described.

If you want to look at my listings for this issue, please click on the following link:

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