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Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Listings Start Off With Edwardian Era Postcards

My listings were off to a slow start last week, but I managed to list all of my Edwardian era postcards, which made me happy.

Now this is a topic that even those of you not interested in stamps could appreciate, I think, as the quality of the artwork on this is incredible. The first postcards appeared in the early 1890's - these are very rare. But the Golden Age of postcards was at the turn of the 19th Century. Germany was a leading producer of very high quality postcards with some truly fantastic art:

Two Dutch girls in traditional dress

Little girl and her grandfather with "Don't tell anybody grandpa."

Easter postcard showing two angels atop a bible.  
Another Easter postcard depicting an altar boy. 

A New Year postcard from 1907 depicting a girl with a chello.

A thanksgiving postcard from 1909.

A romantic card from 1906. 

St. Patrick's Day postcard from 1909.

 St. Patrick's day postcard from 1908. 

Scarborough Bluffs in 1907. The bluffs still look much the same today.

Toronto postcard from 1911 showing a view of Yonge St. 

Aren't they beautiful? The best part is they are not that expensive. It does take a bit of patience looking through postcards to fine nice ones like this, but they are very attainable and affordable, with most being in the $3-10 range, depending on condition.

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