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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ruby Tuesday!

Hello again stamp fans, today's post will be a run down of last week and a sneak peak of a post I'm working on this week. We are busy gearing up for our big move in two weeks time and have nearly everything we need to furnish our house and enough income to sustain us through the winter months provided everything goes to plan.

Last week we saw another big sale on Hip Stamp when a customer bought a Canada #E1 First Special Delivery stamp of Canada in a block of four for $1,500. Although we don't do a lot of larger sales like that as most of the income we generate is based on many smaller sales it's nice to have at least one sale like this every month.

Moving right along, we had our "so long, farewell" party on Saturday and feasted upon store bought pizza and salmon dip. It was not our best showing but our friend's Gina, Andrew and Ray saved the day by providing the most delicious desserts. Leave it to Italians and they will fill your table with delights the likes of which you've never experienced before! We feel very lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in our lives and though we are overjoyed to start this next chapter it's a bitter sweet end to our life here.

On to an important issue that is plaguing us right now, how the heck are we going to fit an entire house worth of stuff into a moving truck!? We already upgraded to the 20 foot truck but after some thought we may need to upgrade to the even larger 26 footer! Has anyone else ever experienced this? Should we upgrade to the larger truck? Leave a comment down below letting us know.

Well friends, Bonanza was a bust and we officially shut the doors on our Bonanza store November 17th, 2016. Our booth is still available but, it too will be gone soon. It was an important experiment to test the waters however we made the right choice to cut ties with Bonanza given the lack of traffic.

Now, the most exciting news of course concerns our overall sales! We are only half way through this month and we are just $100 shy of our monthly $ 3000 sales target! Obviously the $1,500 sale played a part in our sales bump but our regular sales have been most excellent as well! We are hoping to break $5000 this month but we would be happy with a more modest target as well. The business is really taking off and we continue to see private requests for sales and more engagement through social media. Over all, last week was great and it looks like this week is shaping up to be just as good if not better.

What is your favorite aspect of starting a new week? Leave us a comment down below and stay tuned for my next post which will feature my strategy for furnishing an entire house for practically nothing!

Until then, stay cool stamp fans!

- Stamp Geek 


  1. Favourite aspect of the beginning of the week. Knowing that Friday is only 4 days away.