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Monday, December 26, 2016

In Like Flynn and Making It Ours - Part 2, and Getting Back Up and Running

So, we finally completed the upstairs rooms and have pictures to show! So, without further ado:

In this photo arrangement that Steph prepared, we have the upstairs hall, one of the guest bedrooms, and the weight/craft room. 

In this group we have the main master bedroom, the largest guestroom with the attached ensuite bathroom, and another cute shot of Viktor making himself at home in the lid of one of my stamp boxes. 

The business is now up and running, making a slow but sure recovery from the disruption caused by the move. E-bay has, once again behaved unreasonably with regard to our move, penalizing us for not shipping orders while our stock was inaccessible. This, despite putting the store on formal vacation, and communicating with our customers. So it has forced us to finally decide to get our store on Auctiva Commerce set up once and for all, so that we build a business that we actually have complete control over. I have spent much of today learning how to use the many features of the store and trying to get most of the critical functions set up so that we can begin formulating our Google Adwords campaign. 

Exciting times ahead!

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