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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Long Day Ahead and the Movie "The Visit"

It is my day to work late. I just finished my post for my Canadian Stamp Blog dealing with the 1899 surcharge issue that I will be listing today:

These stamps were issued between July 31, 1899 and August 10, 1899 in response to a shortage of 2c stamps that was not alleviated until new supplies of the 2c carmine Numeral stamp were ready on August 22, 1899. You can read the full article here:

Today's goal is to get all 35 of the remaining unlisted stamps listed today, and to press on as far as I can with the 1898 Special Delivery and 1875-1888 Registered stamps. This will take me to the end of the regularly issued Canadian stamps of Queen Victoria. Then I have another 5 working days to list the material issued by New Brunswick, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland during Queen Victoria's reign as well as revenues. It's going to be tough -there is still at least 200 items to go. 

After that, it is time to move on to Nigeria and deal with Queen Victorian material from this area. Nigeria was not yet a country at this time, but consisted of five areas:

1. Lagos (from 1874-1901)
2. Niger Coast Protectorate (from 1892-1901)
3. Niger Company Territories (became Northern and Southern Nigeria from 1898-1900)
4. Northern Nigeria (1900-1901)
5. Southern Nigeria (1900-1901)

I have a lot more material from these areas than I do for Canada, so I expect listing this material to take several months, so I may intersperse issues from Nigeria with Canada, as I do not want to lose momentum with Canada. At the same time, I have a feeling that Nigeria will sell very well once I get it listed. 

Last night, I surprised Steph by picking her up from work and we went for a nice dinner at a restaurant we had tried a couple of weeks prior and then I took her to the newest  M. Night Shyamalan move "The Visit". I must say that this was a welcome surprise, given that most of his movies in the last decade have left much to be desired. I don't want to spoil it for any of you, so I will just say that if you like suspense horror that slowly builds to a climax, with a bit of humor, then you will find this movie to be well worth the price of admission. 

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