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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Maple Leaves Continue, My Canadian Philately Blog and Meeting John Martin for Drinks

Yesterday was spent writing articles for my Canadian Philately blog, sorting British West Africa material that I had purchased that arrived in the mail yesterday, listing the 1c Maple Leaves and scanning the 2c and 3c values. Today, I am going to try and see if I can list the 2c and 3c stamps today and get the rest of the set scanned.

Here are the 2c purple and 3c carmine from this wonderful set:

My listings so far of these issues can be found in my e-bay store, which can be accessed by way of the following link:

My Canadian Philately blog has languished in the past three years since I started it, largely because I haven't had time to post to it. Since I became full time in July, I have only managed to post a few articles. This week I have tried to remedy that by posting two articles on Small Queens, including how to tell the printings apart and one article today addressing what the role of the stamp dealer is in fostering the good health of the hobby. To view those articles, click on the following link:

Tonight I am going to reconnect with a man to whom I owe much of my professional judgement and skill as a professional accountant: Mr. John Martin. John was my boss 11 years ago when I first moved to Toronto. He was the founding partner of EvansMartin LLP, which has subsequently been bought out by Myers Norris Penny, a major player in the Canadian accounting landscape. As far as I know he still does a lot of consulting and financing for his clients, as that is the work he enjoys.

When he hired me, I knew the rules and I knew how to put a file together. But it was John who taught me how to run a practice profitably and how to balance the interests of the clients with compliance with the rules. He and I worked together for 5 years until I left the firm in 2009. We have since fallen out of touch, much to my regret. Initially it was because my ex monopolized my time to such an extent that I just never had time to meet with him, Then as more and more time went by, it got to a point where I just never got around to reconnecting - until now. I messaged him on Linked-In and tonight we are going to meet for drinks. I am looking forward to catching up.

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