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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jubilees to Be Completed Today Hopefully and Remaining Queen Victoria Canada Organized Yesterday

Yesterday, Steph worked from home, which meant that she needed use of the office for her work. She gets to do this every second Tuesday as a perk. So on those days I usually work at the kitchen table organizing the items to be listed and items just purchased and received.

One of the reasons my listings on e-bay have not been progressing as quickly as I would have liked is that most of the stamps I am working on are not fully graded and described with respect to colour shades, perforation measurements and paper thicknesses. I am having to fill in these details as I go, which is very inefficient from a time-and-motion perspective, as the workflow is not seamless. So I decided to spend the day focusing on just this. I was able to get through all the remaining Jubilees, the 1897-98 Maple Leaf Issue and the 1898-1901 Numeral issue. What was astonishing to see was just how many examples of the better stamps I have in stock, and the fact that I do have some representation of all the major condition grades as well. It seems that I have managed to build a respectable stock over the past year and a half, which I am very pleased with.

So because I was able to do that, I am hoping that over the next six hours or so, I will be able to complete the listings for the remaining Jubilees.

Tonight, I am making a chicken enchilada casserole in the slow cooker. If it is any good, I will post the recipe on here tomorrow.

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